Need A Second Mortgage

 We Can Help You Find a Second Mortgage With Quick Turn Around Funding

A second mortgage is the fastest and easiest way to unlock the equity in your home, regardless of your credit history and income, but not all private lenders are the same. If you live in GTA and have equity in your home, you are going to find this offer hard to resist.

10% to 12% interest rate depending on the property, location and loan to value 
1% to 2% lender fee is the average
Available throughout GTA
Open for 1 year with 3 months interest penalty if discharged sooner
Payment is interest only
Appraisal required (the cost is covered by the borrower)
Must use the lender legal department to close he deal (legal fee is covered by the borrower)

(All offers are subject to funds availability and E.&O.E.)

If you have any questions or wish to get connected with a second mortgage provider, please contact Mike Hamdan at: 416-524-7471 or by

About This Offer:
This offer is brought to you by Mahmoud Hamdan (aka Mike) Licensed Mortgage Agent level 2. FSRA Lic # M09002218 since 2009. Brokerage: Mortgage Outlet Inc FSRA #12628.

Disclaimer: All offers are subject to lender qualifying criteria and E.&O.E.”

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