How to reduce homeownership costs?

–Posted By Mahmoud Hamdan (aka Mike)–
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Homeownership Can Be Stressful, Costly & Time Consuming Process

“a process that is costing Canadians nearly $1 trillion dollars a year and almost 50% of the average income goes to maintain the home”

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As the old saying goes, the more you know, the more you save and the less you know, the more you pay and I am going to illustrate my point in a common scenario and perhaps you or someone you know can relate to it or put it to good use.

In this example, I am referring to Mr and Mrs X.

Mr and Mrs X, are tired of renting and they decided to buy a house of their own, so they asked a friend to recommend an experienced real estate professional to contact.

Indeed, a referral was made and the couple reached out to the real estate professional and discussed what they are looking for in a house. If you are not currently working with a real estate professional, click here for a list of real estate professionals near you.

Next, the agent advised the couple to contact one of his trusted mortgage brokers to see how much they could qualify for based on their income, down payment and current situation.

The couple made the call to the trusted mortgage broker, answered few questions and completed the application form and few days later they received a pre-approval certificate.

The couple got all excited and contacted their real estate agent to book viewing.

One week later, they found the perfect property and decided to make an offer. After some intense negotiations back and forth, the seller accepted their offer and they had 5 days to secure their approval.

The next day, they contacted their mortgage broker to get the process started and they were pleased to know the approval rate is better than what they initially received.

Sounds reasonable, but in their case, how can they be sure that the rate they received is the best rate they could get for the same mortgage without comparing rates and offers side by side? Compare best mortgage rates in Ontario.

Well, they are not alone and it’s costing the less fortunate person $1000’s of dollars in unnecessary interest costs over the term of the loan and the bleeding doesn’t end there because the same thing could happen when searching for:

Well, thanks to lowlowrates business model, you can now refer to the site as often as you wish and compare mortgage rates side-by-side and with a click of a mouse get connected with multiple real estate professionals, lawyers, insurance providers and movers and then proceed with the option that’s best meet your current situation and budget.

As simple as that may sound, without the help of lowlowrates platform, you may spend hours, days or even weeks trying to sort through mortgage lenders, real estate professionals, lawyers, insurance providers, movers and there is no way of knowing if you have secured the best deal out there or wasted $1000’s on unnecessary fees and high interest mortgage rate?

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